Michigan Trump Republicans

​"President Trump... We've Got your back."

Every day, Trump supporters wonder: “How can it get worse”?  

The FAKE NEWS just keeps piling on the lies.  They think everyone will believe them if they just keep repeating their lies…..Trump’s denouncement of racism and hate “wasn’t enough”.   Trump’s responsible for the tyrant dictator in North Korea.  Trump’s responsible for all the terrorists in Europe.  And our personal favorite….Trump’s wife wears high heels! SMH.

Remember this fact: The people repeating and reporting these outrageous lies were NEVER for Trump. These lies are the concoctions of the radical left (and some Never Trump Republicans) that cannot “get over” the fact that their candidate LOST.

We formed Michigan Trump Republicans to fight the FAKE NEWS media and establishment poltical frenzy to take down our President. We knew he’d need us to stay strong and support him.  The crooked left is not the only voice out there.  Now WE have a voice, too!

After many successful MIchigan Trump Republican events throughout our state, we have learned a few things.  One, the White House is watching us in Michigan.  Two, Michigan voters still strongly support President Trump.  Here are just a few stories about our successful MTR events:

Muskegon event Click Here    Howell event Click Here

The huge crowds demonstrating their support for our President is driving the radical, the violent left, absolutely nuts. That radical left is now attempting to shut down future MTR events (and extinguish free speech) at any cost,  including threats of physical violence.  As in Charlottesville, the radical hateful left advertises for “protesters”!  Here is what is happening in Michigan right now:

Protester “recruiting”  Click Here

Just last week, owners of venues that agreed to host future MTR events started to get death threats and received vile posts on social media.  We have already had one venue cancel due to fear for their and their employees’ lives.  Learn about that cancellation HERE

Never be fooled by the radical left. Their actions PROVE that they have no respect for our First Amendment.  With them, It’s a one way street.  Agree with them, or you are WRONG.  Only they can freely exercise their rights, but the radical left is more than ready to use violence to stop us.  

We WILL NOT LET violent, sick, twisted hypocrites stop us from demonstrating our First Amendment right to support our President.

President Trump is correct.  The left must face up to its own hate, hypocrisy, violence and anti-First Amendment behavior!

Because of their behavior, we are taking these actions:

   - Working with local law enforcement and prosecutors to make sure our  venues are safe

   - Working with private security for the same purpose  

   - Requesting supporters to video any inappropriate behavior from the radical left to be used for possible prosecution

There is one thing we will never do:  We Won’t Back Down.  

What do we ask of YOU?  

Attend our MTR events.  Double down with us.  Show the radical left (and those remaining “never Trumpers”) that you are not and will not be  intimidated by their behavior.  Support the businesses that host MTR events (and provide positive reviews).  Join arms with fellow Trump supporters.  Be interviewed by the FAKE media that are often present at our events.  

Demonstrate LOVE to combat their HATE. Tell the FAKE NEWS the TRUTH!  Grab your First Amendment and speak freely. We’ve got Trump’s back and we bet you do, too!

We love you!
Signed, your brave Michigan Trump Republicans Team