​"President Trump... We've Got your back."

who we are

why are we organizing michigan?

join us! you'll have a great time and meet the best people!


We are bunch of Trump lovng Americans who are sick and tired of the political establishment and the political machine that is always focused on tearing our President and his agenda down. They focus on everything else EXCEPT for the hard working taxpayers and voters. We are nothing special. Trump and what he stands for is special to us. He represents what American needs to return to... an amazing nation with unlimited equal opportunities for everyone not guaranteed outcomes for the politically connected. 

We are focusing on LOCAL support because we will be more effective here at home than we can ever be 600 miles away in D.C.  Trump needs each single STATE TO BE STRONG so we can push his agenda LOCALLY in every state capitol. In other words, we need to Drain the Swamp in Lansing too. We're all in this together and when we join our God Given talents together, we always win.  As co-chairs of the Donald Trump Michigan campaign, we're fed up with the way everyone is organizing against him.  Come fight with us. We need you. We will be tens of thousands strong!

Michigan Trump Republicans