Michigan Trump Republicans

​"President Trump... We've Got your back."

Trumperware Party:  

What:  A Party is a fun and casual event where woman who love our country, and our President can gather with other like minded woman.  Goals are to freely discuss the issues that affect their community,  business  family and themselves, and to become informed about how President Trump’s leadership is really helping us all. 

Who:   A hostess, you or a few friends, invite from 15 to 20 (whatever works in your space)  women from church, work, neighborhood, family or friends who may not be fully aware of all the wonderful things our President has accomplished in just a few short years.  As hostess, you decide who to invite.  We can help if you want ideas for texts or emails.

Why:  One goal of each Party is to arm women with facts so they can feel confident in their support of President Trump and be more comfortable to tell others about the great news!.  The whole event will be fun and it surely won’t involve slides, power points or long presentations. Nope. Just a casual discussion. As a leader in their community, each woman attending has a sphere of influence with others.  After this event, each woman will be better armed to make a difference. 

When:  That’s up to you.  Host whatever works: brunch, lunch, evening, after church, after school drop off, whatever works!.  We suggest keeping it simple: wine and cheese or coffee and snacks.  Maybe some  tea.  Have a discussion, (we’ll help out with talking points) keep it friendly and fun.  And we will be there to help you lead*** 

Where:  Your home (or maybe your community center if you are in a condo)

Mission:   Educate.  Get women energized to be active in the 2020 election.  Build the W.A.R. (Women Are Republicans) Army now so we are ready to be called on to make a difference in 2020.   We will all need to help see that Donald Trump is re-elected and that Michigan is swept by the RED Wave.

***If at all possible, we will have a MTR leader at  your home to help with hosting. Our goal is to have these events going on across the state.  

We are also hosting large gatherings of 50+ at local restaurants.   For these, there is typically a small cost (like $25 per person)   If you know of a restaurant in your area  with a private room that would be a good location for this type of event, let us know.